Reviews of art exhibitions

Review in Sculpture by Polly Ullrich

THE ARCHITROUVE Donna Hapac’s sculptures evoke an off-kilter, latticed garden where the organic environment is propped up, hitched together, and suspended to sway gently in the air.  In this trellised world held together with waxed linen thread tied into thousands and thousands of square knots, meticulously snipped ends yield fine, bristly pelts that halo surfaces.   … Continue reading Review in Sculpture by Polly Ullrich

Art Letter

BY PAUL KLEIN  ON JUNE 4, 2010 7:35 PM Diaphanous.  I like diaphanous and all that, but there are other things in life. I’m seeing it too much.  I’d hate to think the rough n’ tumble iconography I associate with Chicago would be supplanted by diaphanous. … At Architrouve  is the very talented Donna Hapac,  whose art I wouldn’t … Continue reading Art Letter