Nose Down ©2015, Reed, wood, waxed linen, wood stain, 8" x 12.5" x 4.5"

Artist Statement

My sculptures evoke the natural forms of animals and plants. Rather than represent actual animals, plants, or phenomena, I call the viewer’s attention to these forms and patterns and inspire an appreciation for the beauty to be discovered and preserved in our natural environment.

I have produced most of my sculpture working in reed and waxed linen. Using an open-weave, linear, grid-like structure, these sculptures are drawings in space. They are fragile, resilient, flexible, and often humorous. The intertwining elements of my work reference the ageless craft of weaving, yet the forms have a contemporary feel.

I identify with Post-Minimal artists, in my use of simple or unconventional materials and processes, combined with a formalist aesthetic. The approach is experimental and intuitive, following the materials and responding to possibilities as they arise.