Switchback ©2010, Reed, wood, waxed linen, wood stain, lead, oil paint, 16” x 34” x 9.5”

Art Letter

BY PAUL KLEIN  ON JUNE 4, 2010 7:35 PM

Diaphanous.  I like diaphanous and all that, but there are other things in life. I’m seeing it too much.  I’d hate to think the rough n’ tumble iconography I associate with Chicago would be supplanted by diaphanous.

At Architrouve  is the very talented Donna Hapac,  whose art I wouldn’t have thought of as diaphanous unless the theme was already established.  Though I’ve been following her for years, her work still feels fresh; perhaps naive.  She’s good new in the way that allows for clunkers to be included. (Artists, if you can’t edit, get someone you trust who can!) Here Hapac is paired with Paul Clark. Though the theme goes on, I like the pairing.

Art Letter June 2010-2

Art Letter June 2010

Watch out for angels,
Paul Klein